About me:
I am a resident of mid Michigan. I was born and raised in
the Catholic church and still attend a Catholic church. I
believe with all that is in me, in Jesus Christ the living Son
of God. I believe in God and His Holy Spirit. I believe that
the Bible is God's absolute perfect word and it is with out
any error of any kind. I have been reborn in faith in Jesus
which sounds strange for a Catholic to say. Let me just say
that no denomination of Christianity has all knowledge
about God. Denomination is another word for legalism. I
have a VERY deep love for my Christian brothers and
sisters irregardless of their "belief system". If God's word
says its wrong well, its wrong. I believe that one should
attend a local church and study God's word
simultaneously. Like the apostle Paul said In All Things
LOVE. If I have not love for my brother and sister then I
have nothing. I don't mean to be rude or inconsiderate but
if one doesn't have faith in Jesus, that person will not be in
heaven its just that simple. I try to run all my doings
according to God's ways,but keep in mind I am still human
and I make mistakes. I long for the day when Jesus
returns when he'll remove all the faults in all whom
believe in him. All Glory and Honor,Praise and worship be
His for ever and ever.
Terms of sale:
I accept money orders, cashiers checks, or credit
card payments through the PalPal.com company.
You do not need a account with Pay Pal to use
their service and it is the most secure and safe
way to pay.. Personal checks are no longer
accepted because I have been taken advantage of,
however I can and do accept what is known as
e-checks through my paypal services. An e-check
does cause the 7-10 business day wait just like a
personal check would.

All photos of every item on my web site are to be
considered to be an example of the wood or
acrylic. Wood is a natural item and no two pieces
are exactly the same as each other. Therefore your
item may be slightly different in color or color
pattern than the photo shown. Also with wood an
occasional crack, hole, knot hole, or bark inclusion
is not uncommon especially in burl woods. This is
not considered to be a defect in the pen.

I reserve the right to change prices and quantities
on hand with out prior notice. However once I
give you(my customer) a total price I will live by it.

I ship through USPS Priority service for smaller
items, large items I prefer UPS. I will ship to post
office box numbers and apartment numbers
however I will not be held responsible if the item
is stolen or does not make it to that apartment
number or PO Box number. If you ask me to ship
the item to a person other than your self,I will not
be held accountable for that person getting or not
getting the item or them not giving you the item. I
sell and ship only to the 50 United Stated, Alaska
and Hawaii residents must contact me for shipping
rates prior to purchase.
NO international orders
will be accepted. If you live out side the 50 United
states and use a "Buy Now" button you WILL NOT
receive a refund because refunds cost me money.

Shipping usually cost $7.00 for 2-3 pen and
pencils sets. For a more accurate shipping quote I
need to know where you would like the item
shipped to. I do combine shipping to save you
money. If Pay Pal adds to much shipping I will
send a refund for the difference. If you choose to
over pay on shipping cost, I will hold the "over
payment" amount in credit for you for a total of 30
calender days, no longer. You will loose the over
payment, I am not a bank or credit union. You are
fully and wholly responsible for contacting me as
what to do with this "over payment". By
purchasing from me you fully agree to these terms.

All sales are final on some types of custom made
items. Returns on custom made items are wholly
and completely at my decision, and may require a
restocking fee charged to the customer. I also
embed the name Jesus Christ on some of my
merchandise, this is not done to offend you,
however if it does, I will work with you to resolve
the issue. You will be responsible for all shipping
fees to resolve this issue. Telling at the time of
order or before the order will eliminate the
chances of paying lots of shipping it back and
forth. In some cases removing or remaking the
item with out the name "Jesus Christ" may cause
an additional charge to the customer. It will
definitely cause a delay in me shipping the item. If
you do not contact me before purchasing the item
to not have the name  " Jesus Christ" not appear
on the item, I will reserve the right to not accept
the item back as a return. Any alteration to the
item or items purchased will void all warranties to
that purchase. This will also cause said
merchandise to become nonreturnable. For
example of this is, if you purchase a pen and
display box and you adhere anything to the
display box, warranty for the pen and box are
voided. I test every item for proper operation and
quality before I ship it. The customer is
responsible for all shipping charges unless the
mistake was my fault.

A word on engraving. I do offer custom engraving
service. It is a very good idea to contact me before
the actual purchase. This is so we can find out
what you would like to have put on the pen,
pencil, set and or pen box. Be very careful on the
spelling of what you want engraved, I will engrave
exactly the way in which you spell the name or
word. I will not,, nor am I obligated to refund
your money or any shipping charges for miss
spelling errors. Engraving constitutes the item
purchased to be a "custom order" there fore not
returnable or refundable. Please keep in mind that
I am human and I do sometimes make mistakes, If
and when this happens, I will not be a jerk about
the situation and I will repair, replace or exchange
the item with an equal priced item. My goal is to
make you my customer happy not to take your
money unjustly. My God loves you and so do I.

A little note on cancelled orders, It is best that you
ask 1st if a pen is available for purchase before
you click the "buy now" button. Refunds through
PayPal which is the service i use for the "Buy
Now" buttons charges fees for a refunds. You the
buyer are responsible for those fees. Plainly said
you may not get all of your money back.
This is a photo of my display at a local craft and art show.