Special Pen and Pencil sets
This beautiful pen and pencil
south central America.The
pencil uses a .7mm led while
the pen is a gel writer style
which if you wish I can
convert it to a ball point type.
Just let me know when you
purchase it. Price is $80.00.
These are special pen and pencil sets that I have made. The pens will use either a
Parker style or Cross style refill. While most of the pencils use a .7mm lead. I do
offer custom engraving on most of my pens and or pen/pencil sets for a little
extra charge. Please read my "about me" page for more ordering information.
Thank you for stopping by. Unless stated other wise the stands shown are not
included with the pen or sets.
Fantastic 3 piece set made of 3 different woods,
American Maple, African Wenge, African Padauk.
You get a pen, a pencil, a letter opener and the box
shown. I have only this one set and I doubt that I
will be making more another this way it will be
more special knowing that you may have the only
set like this. The price is $85.00.
I will be adding more pens to this
page. If you would like a certain
type of wood please feel free to
email me and ask.
Something new for my collection is this above set Double
Pen Set ( no pencil is two pens).  Made of apposing wood
colors and types of wood. The red pen is made of African
Red Heart wood and the white one  is made of American
Holly wood. Neither pen is dyed or stained, that is the
natural color of the wood. The only stained item is the
accompanying display box which is included with the set.
the price is $58.00 plus applicable shipping.
This is a Mahogany wood pen
and pencil set with golf club
shaped clips. The display box is
made of walnut wood, it comes
with the pen and pencil. Pen
uses a cross style refil and the
pencil uses a .7 mm lead size.
The stand shown in the picture
is not included with the set.
Price is $47.00 plus applicable
Here is a pen and pencil
set. Made of African
Wenge wood with silver
hardware, not chrome.
The pen is a cross style
refil and the pencil is a
standard .7mm lead. The
stand shown here is not
included, you get the pen,
pencil and display box.
The set is $47.00 plus
This beauty is made of one of me favorite woods, Bethlehem Olive wood.
Normally I don't photograph both sides of the pen but this beauty was just
too pretty not too. The stand is not included nor is the wood platform its
setting on but the display box is. Price it $32.00 plus applicable shipping. It
uses a Cross style refill. I do have available refills at a minor extra fee of
$3.00 they can be found on my
"accessories" page. There is only one of
these available.