These slim pens are very smooth writing pens that utilize a precision twist mechanism,
ink refills can be bought at most local stationary supply stores. I also have refills
available in black or blue color ink. They are a favorite pen for those whom want a pen
that fits well in a check book, a purse or in a shirt pocket.  I make these from exotic hard
make a pen and pencil set out of the woods seen here however it is best to contact me
first before ordering because some of the exotic woods are very hard to get. If you have
a favorite wood and don't see it on my site, just send an email to me, I might have it.
Some of my past customers have purchased 2 pens for a set instead of a pen and
pencil. I can make pen and pencils with gold, silver, white, satin gold, black. There are
striped wood pens lower down on this page, made of a died processed wood. They are
very cool looking.
Pens on this page are $15.00 each
Pen and pencil sets are $30.00
2 Pens in a set are $30.00
Striped Pens and pencils are $17.00 each and a set will be $34.00
Recycled Paper Pens are $12.50 each.
I do have wood, and acrylic cases(gift boxes) for single pens and also for pen and pencil
sets. You can see a picture and prices on the Accessories page. The stands shown in
these pictures are not included with the pen but can be purchased separately.
If you
would like one please read my "about me" page before ordering
This pen is a very rare Australian Red Morell Burl wood from Australia. It
has a medium pink to deep red swirled color. Like most Burls the grain
pattern is very radical, looks like the grain is twisted. It is common for
defect. Item#SSGTARMBL
This pen is made of Black Cherry Burl. It has an elegant light brown with
medium and dark brown patches. It has a "knotty" look and is very popular.
The wood came from the upper parts of Michigan. Like most Burls the grain
pattern is very radical, looks like the grain is twisted. It is common for burl
woods to develop hair line cracks over time, this is not considered a defect. I
have no pens on hand but can make some. Item #SSGTBKCHSC
This pen is made of African Black wood. As the name implies the
polishes to a very smooth finish. The color is jet black with no
visible lighter colors. Item#SSGTABW
and South America. The grain has very contrasting light brown
color with black streaking lines. Almost looks like someone
painted the black grain lines into it. I have none premade
however I'd love to make a pen and/or pencil. Just email me.
This pen is made from Red Cedar. The Dark spot near the center
band is a knot in the wood. I usually attempt to include these
knots because they add a lot of character to the pen. Cedar has a
wild grain pattern which makes it virtually imposable to make 2
pens precisely the same. Item#SSPWRCW
I will be adding more pens to this
page. If you would like a certain
type of wood please feel free to
This pen is made of cross cut Ash. This wood is getting some
insect called the Emerald Ash Bore. This one has black tips, I can
Curly Pyinma. Wonderful light brown color with a hint of grey.
made these for people with white, gold, silver,and satin gold tips,
I can't chose which I like best. I have one with the silver tip
shown here and just a little more wood to make a few more.
Hawaiian Koa wood. What a gem the wood I used here comes
from only one place on our planet. That place is Hawaii. The
supply of Koa is very scarce due to state and federal protection of
the trees. I can see why too,this  wood is almost 3 dimensional
Mahogany. This is a very sought after wood because of its rich
medium brown color. It is often use in very high end furniture and
over time it will usually change color to a antique look.
A Maple pen. This wood is plentiful has a almost white color. I
have one as shown and one with a fancier lower half.
Red Oak. A very common wood used if very fine
furniture. I have one shaped like this one shown.
I introduce you to Osage Orange wood. A wood that grows
strong yellow orange color to it and it is a very hard wood. I can
make only two or three more.
This is Pecan wood it looks very much like red oak. However it is
not as porous as oak and has a smoother feel. I have none made, If
you would like one or two I'll be privileged to make you some.
Who would have thought Pine wood could look this nice. The
black lines are decorative wood burning I did to the pen. It even
white tips and sets with black tips. Yup this pen was a 2X4 at
one time. I have one in stock and gonna make more.
Here is a very rare wood called Pink Ivory from Africa. This picture
shows the wood slightly redder than what it actually is. It is Pink
like the name implies. There is none completed in my stock, I do
have some wood to make a set or two. Item# SSGTBBPIW
to it. The wood came from Africa. It is very dense hard wood. I
do at the moment have one on hand and I do have more of this
wood in which I can make more. Item # SSGTPHW
Red Heart wood also from Africa. It is similar to purple heart except
cuts well but doesn't dent scratch well, very durable. I have this
one shown, would love to make others. Item#SSGTBBRHW
Straight from Virginia I present to you Red Mulberry. A bright
yellow wood with a hint of red. This wood has a feel like oak. I
am told that this is a flowering tree or as some call it a bush.
The wood has a very sweet smell when cutting it. I don't have
any made however I do have some red mulberry wood to make
more. Feel free to email me if you would like a pen and or
pencil. Item#SSGTRMW
Striped Pens
Alabaster with silver tips. Three tone green color. I
have 1.
American Flag with 24kt gold plated tips.
Camo Supreme with 24kt gold tips. I have just 1.
Most of these I have only 1 but I can and will make more if you wish. Like my other pens I
don't stock many because I make them just for you. None of that mass produced junk
Bahamas Cherry. Beautiful red cherry color. I have 1.
Bubble Gum with black tips.
Charcoal black with pearl white tips.
Crimson Iron wood. I have 1.
Eclipse with black tips.
Eclipse with pearl white tips, I have 1.
Ember Glow with black tips. I have 1
Magnum with silver tips. I have 1
Oceania with 24kt tips.
Ocean Sunset with satin gold tips, I have 1
Ruby wood with satin gold tips, I have 1
Sapphire wood with 24kt gold tips, I have 1
Scarlet night with black tips, I have 1
New !!!!! Bullet shell
Pens.. Scroll down
for info.
This is another of my creations. Pens made from 270
Caliber Rifle shells. The shells have been altered in a way
in which they can never be used as ammunition again. I
am very careful to whom I sell these. You must be in the
United States, I will not ship these outside the United
States no exceptions. There are 3 Tip colors to chose
from, Chrome, Copper, and Gold. The Gold and Chrome
tips/clips  are the only ones with the Deer Clips. The Deer
Head Clips are optional. These are $22.00 each.
Here is a new wood to
Yellow Heart. It has a
beautiful light to is a
dense hard wood with a
relatively even grain
and color pattern. It is
a rare wood and getting
hard to get. I have 1 on
hand and some more
wood to make more.
Mesquite a very
popular wood
those whom
like to
barbecue. I
have only a few
pieces of this
wood, so hurry
before their
Dark Sheoak Lace.
This comes from
Australia and is
getting very hard to
get. I have only
enough for a couple
more pens. Item
Rosewood Burgundy with Gold Tips and
custom band.
Tropical Passion With Satin Gold Tips
Tropical Passion With Pearl White Tips.
Charcoal Ruby with Gold Tips
Timberland With Gold Tips
Tiger Wood With Satin Silver Tip
Tequila Sunrise with Gold Tips
Tortoise with
Gold Tips
Wood with
Gold Tips
Sunrise with
Gold Tips
Sportsman Camo
with Satin Gold
Santos Zebra
with Black Tips
Paisley with
Gold Tips
Evergreen Camo
with Gold Tips
Emerald Wood
with Chrome
This is a beautiful wood from Africa called Blood Wood. The
color as the name implies is a blood red color. This wood looks
very nice with almost any tip/clip color.
This wood is called Afrezilia Burl. It comes from the southern
parts of Asia. It is very hard to get. This pen is a bit lighter in
color than normal, usually it has a much deeper amber color. If
you would like more than one, please email me before clicking
shipping this way. Item#SSGTAFBL
One of my favorite woods called Chechen Wood. It Comes from
the southern part of Mexico and South America. It has an
exquisite iridescent that is usually only seen in curly woods.
This is a brother wood to the African Black Wood called Zircote.
It also comes from Africa however unlike the Black Wood it has
slightly lighter colored grain mixed in the jet black areas. It is
also much harder to cut that Black wood and from what I am
told slightly more rare. Item#SSGTBBZTW
Australian Thuyia Burl wood. This wood only grows in Australia
and is rare in Australia also. I don't have very much of this
wood , naturally. Item#SSPWATB
Australian Curly Eucalyptus Wood. This wood is similar to
American Hickory but much harder to get. I do have several
pieces of this wood. It even smells like eucalyptus when cutting
it. Item#SSGTACE
Curly Hickory, this is a very solid hard wood. If you have heard
of the term "hickory smoked" , this is the wood that they use for
that. Item#SSSTCH
From the swamp lands of Florida I present Cypress Wood. For
an American wood this is one of the hardest to get. The EPA it's,
rightly so. This is perhaps the most rot resistant wood around.
The legendary Dog Wood. This tree/bush has been rumored to
be the wood that Jesus cross was made of. There is nothing that
I can find in the Bible to prove this true or false. However that is
not the important part. The important part is that He did Die on
the Cross to free those whom believe in Him. It produces a
flower that looks like a cross with a crown of thorns in it's
center. Item#SSGTDW
Hawaiian Lychee Wood. This wood is a little pinker than shown
in this picture, I need to work on my photography skills more. It
is a super hard wood to get. As far as I know it only grows in
Hawaii. Item#SSSTHLW
Honduras Rose is the wood of this pen. It's not quite as rare as the
Indian Rose wood. However some say it is a little prettier.
Indigo Royal With Gold Tips
Eclipse with gold tips
This Pen is made of Macassar Ebony Wood. It has Black Titanium
plated tips and clip. Black Titanium is a very hard durable precious
metal which kind of resembles black chrome. The wood is mostly
black in color with the occasional dark brown streaks in it. Very
similar to African Black wood but not quite as dark.
This is made of Cocobolo Wood from South America and Mexico area.
Cocobolo is a member of the rose wood family of woods. Very hard
and dense wood.
African Zebra Wood From Africa. This is a medium rare wood
having very contrasting grain color.
wood with a very light grain patters. Mostly averages a dark
caramel color. Smells a great deal like cedar wood when
cutting it.
Recycled Paper Pens
Scroll down to see more
Rifle Shell Pens
Gold Deer
Click this
Chrome Deer
Click this
Recycled Paper Pens
They all have some black and white specks in them however the white specks are very few in number.
These are pens made of recycled paper. Made in 6 colors and 2 tip colors. Paper colors available are
Black, Blue, Brown, Jade, Moss Green, and Red. Tip color choices are Gold and Chrome. If you don't see
the color combination here that you like please email me and I can make it for you. I will be adding
more photos soon. They all have some black and white colored speckling to one degree or another, this
adds to the beauty of them greatly. They are $12.50 each. I can also make them in different styles of
pens, however that will change the price.