Pet Urns
Looking for an urn for that dearly departed pet friend? Look no
farther. I offer custom made urns for you pet dog, cat, bird or
any other family pet friend. These are made one at a time by
hand from solid hard wood. Not at all like those cheap imported
ones sold by other sites which most are made of a low cost and
low quality fiber board covered by wood colored stickers. I can
do custom engraving to place your friends birth and death dates
on the box. Most Urns have a 2 section make up. 1 chamber in
the bottom of the box in which the friend is permanently sealed
items like photos, collars, tags, and other such items. Please
email me with any questions you have about these. Prices will
vary buy wood type, size, design and other factors.
animal the same size or smaller than a Black Lab. The foot print is the
actual foot print of Zoe. For other urns for dogs I will use a generic foot
print unless you are able to email me a photo of your friend's print. The
size of this one shown is 9.5 inches square by 6.75 inches tall. Size will
increase for larger pets.