Past customer comments
Carol, Bay City Mi. - love your pens and
pencil sets. Your service is fantastic and
you treated me very politely. You have
excellent wood working skills.
Dianne, Saginaw Mi.- Thank you Gary for such
beautiful pens. I gave these as gifts to my kids
you later in the week to get some more for me
this time.
Scott, Flint Mi.- hay Gary thanks for
making my daughter's name pate for her
bed room door. With the unique way my
wife and I spell her name, I figured that it
would be impossible to find in made in any
Beth - Tehachapi, CA[təˈhætʃəpi]  Your wood
pens are awesome!  I'm familiar with wood
products growing up in a woodworking family &
worked out in the shop myself, so do know the
interesting woods.  Thank you for your
craftsmanship.  You were great to deal with - you
answered questions, helped where it wasn't
obvious to a surfer how to do certain applications
like order & paypal pens without an "order now"
button, & you were prompt in getting back with
answers & sending out the pens.  A big THANKS!!!
Here are some comments sent to me by some of
my past and current customers. These are
wonderful people whom have a eye for hand made
quality. As with all my customers I very much
appreciate you and thank you.
Jermaime, MD,USA-Hello sir I received the pens
today I'm in love with them,they are my favorites
now in my wood pen collection man I really like
them I will emailing you again to order more.
Briana, Charlotte NC,Thank you very
arrived in perfect time for my
anniversary and my husband loved
anniversary and my husband loved
them! Thanks again and God Bless,
Vanessa, ND,,        I got the pen and it is
amazing!!! Thank you so much Gary! I
your personal collection- I know he is
going to love it and the stand is really nice

I'll be in touch soon for the dual pen set
sometime after the wedding.

God Bless

Chef Eric, Dodge City, KS.     I was
people's web sites that make the
same types of pens and they are
minor league compared to you,
and there is no comparison and
very few do the striped with
different woods and they are not
as nice and 3 times more.
John, Denver, CO. - Thank you for going
way above the call of duty on these pens. I
have bought lots of pens from others.
None have even come close to the quality
of the ones I bought from you. I will most
Olivia, New York, NY,,Gary-- the
pens arrived, they're splendid as
anything else I've seen.