Name Plaques & Custom
These are Custom name plaques and signs.I make the name plaques from
length is determined by the number of letters or numbers in each plaque. I
can make them smaller or larger if you would desire. The smallest height I
can make them is 1/2 inch tall letter,the largest being 2 1/2 inch tall letter.
Price varies by the size and number of letters.
Please read my "about me"
page for ordering information
. I have made a lot of these and haven't
found a name yet that I couldn't cut out. The custom signs are priced by
how much wood it takes to make it and the difficulty level. I have also made
names/signs for campers, car clubs, churches, other crafters for their craft
show displays, Bank tellers,weddings,anniversaries and much more.
Name plaques Price: 5 letters or less 1 inch tall or less $5.00
More than 5 letters 1 inch tall or less $5.00 plus $1.25 per letter                  
beyond the 5th letter. Example The name Thomas would be $6.25.
The name Elizabeth would be $10.00.
Name plaques: these are the
These 2 name plates where custom made for a wonderful
really neat gifts measuring 3 inches tall, 15  1/2 to 16 1/2
food safe nontoxic  pure mineral oil which is the same oil that
is used on butcher blocks to seal wood and keep bacteria out.
The pen in the picture helps show the size of these name
plaques. These are made of pine wood. If you would like a
name plaque like this just drop me a email. Approximate price
will be near
$20.00. The number  letters in the name you
want will effect the price one way or the other. Also see my
"about me page" for more information on custom orders.
New Service
Below the custom name
plaques are some of the
custom signs that I have made.
Some for Business and some
for wonderful people whom
God has blessed me with
meeting them. I have made
plaques with couples wedding
vows, favorite Bible verses,
poetry, awards for competitive
events, awards for
achievements  in the work
place, just to name a few. If
you have a special request
please don't hesitate to ask.
engraved on solid Red Oak, no particle board used in this one like a lot of people
like to use to save money,  measuring 9 1/4 inches tall and 14 inches long. I do
have one of these on hand. Price is $30.00 plus shipping of $12.50.
This is one of my smaller wall plaques measuring
5x7 inches. It is made of hard Maple. I don't
have one on hand however I would be very
happy to make one for you. I can make these
plaques of other woods such as Red Oak, Pine,
Mahogany, Cherry and Popular. Different wood
types will effect the price so it is best to contact
$18.00 plus $6.50 shipping for the maple one.
This is a picture of a sign I made for a very kind person
that I met a few years ago. He wanted a Red Oak sign
for a present for his parents business. He supplied me
with the art work and the finished wood plaque. I did
the engraving for him. Normally I supply the wood
plaque however this particular wood was special to
him, so I used it.
This another sign I made for the same gentleman
mentioned on the picture to the left, for his personal
For a very very skilled and intelligent friend of mine. He is an amazing engineer, best I
have ever seen or had the pleasure to work with. I sometimes think he can bend the laws
of physics. He wanted these for his gun rack. He is also a fisherman check out his web site.   These measure 2x10 inches.
Matthew 5:1-11 engraved on
Aspen wood. I do have one
of these. It measures 8 1/2 x
14 inches. As with my other
plaques, I can make it out of
other types of wood, just
email me before clicking the
buy now button. Price is
$25.00 plus $12.50 shipping.
Matthew 6:5-15 is the Bible
verse I used for this one on
Red Oak wood. I do have this
one shown and I can make it
from other woods. If you like a
different wood just email me
before clicking the buy now
button. Wood type does
slightly effect the price. Price
for this one shown is $30.00
plus $12.50. It measures
8.5x14 inches.
Magnet Refrigerator
Picture Frames with
your child's name
starting at $8.00 each.
This one shown is for a
wallet size picture.
This is a custom Plaque that I made for a lovely lady. It is made
of Maple wood.
These two plaques were made for two gentlemen whom retired from an