Large Designer Pens
The pens pictured on this page I call a large designer
pen. Like my slim pens I make them from exotic and
domestic hard woods. These pens are a super solid
double twist pen. They are great for people that have
arthritis or corporal tunnel, because of their larger 5/8
inch diameter. These use the "parker Style" refill and
come standard with black color ink in them. To
purchase, please see my "about me" page. I have a
hard time keeping these in my stock. My customers
love these.
Price $25.00 each for hard woods pens
$25.00 each for the striped processed wood pens

I can make pencils in this style pen, however I do not
keep the pencils premade and on hand. A pencil made
in this style uses a .5mm lead. I do not have the ability
as for right now to make them in a larger size lead.
Australian Rose Myrtle wood. The camera made the color a
little redder that it actually is. Its more pink than red. It
even has a curly iridescent cross grain color. This is very
hard to get wood because Australia is tightening up their
exporting of the woods. I have 1 in stock and can make a
few more.
Black Palm wood. This is the coconut trees that you see in
the cartoons when a coconut falls out of the tree and
thunks the character on the head. It had a very contrasting
grain, light brown main color with a jet black streaking
grain. I have a few pieces of Black Palm left. Also I do have
a few pieces of Red Palm which looks just like this one
except the black streaks are a deep maroon color.
Bocote wood from southern Mexico and South America. A
very popular wood for my customers because of the
distinct medium and dark brown grain. A very elegant
looking pen. I have one and can make more.
This one is called Butternut. It grows rather well through
out the United States. It has a carmel color which usually
darkens in time. I have 1 and unfortunately no wood to
make more. I can get more.
Chechen wood. This is a South American wood with a Also
has a woven like micro grain which makes it look really
fancy. I have one and will make more.
Perhaps my most favorite wood. Cocobolo wood from
Mexico and South American There is a very deep reddish
brown base color with dark streaks. Similar to Bocote but
with deep reddish brown. I have wood to make more.
Curly Padauk a wood that comes from Africa. It has a
medium dark brown color with a strong red tint. It also has
a "perpendicular" iridescent cross grain. Hence the term
"curly". I do not have any Curly Padauk left but I have
normal Padauk which just doesn't have the iridescent cross
grain which is also very beautiful.
Curly Pyinma wood. A light brown wood with a distinct
grayish hugh. Like the curly Padauk it also has
"perpendicular" iridescent cross grain. This is a very
unique colored wood. I have one and can make others.
Flowering Crab. This came from a tree that grew up in my
front yard. I don't believe that it is a very rare wood but it is
very beautiful light brown color with just a hint of red in it.
There is a small crack in it from the knot I intentionally made
in it. It has been filled with epoxy and won't crack farther.
Adds a lot of character to the pen. I have 2.
Hawaiian KOA wood. A very rare wood grows only in
Hawaii. There is a impostor wood called Kemp wood that
grows in other countries and is used for hardwood floors.
True KOA wood is so expensive that very few people could
afford to do a floor with it. I do not at this time have any
Koa, however don't hesitate to ask me.
Iron wood. The name fits it well it cuts like iron. A very hard
wood grows very scarcely in the United States. Its color is a
dark chocolate brown. I have this one and can make some
This is Mahogany. Not extremely rare wood but very sought
after by furniture makers. Will darken to a very rich brown
color. I have this one and will make more.
Maple root burl. This is one of the most popular pens I make
so much so that I don't have one on hand. I do have some
wood to make you one and would be very happy to do so.
Here we have a super rare wood called African Olie Pod. I
have this one and only a few pieces to make more. This
wood is so beautiful it makes me laugh at the evolution
theory. Theres just no way for wood this gorgeous to have
This wood is known as Quinta wood from South America. It
has a medium to medium dark brown color and is very hard
solid wood.
I made this pen
from a request
from a friend
whom was
having troubles
holding and
writing with pens
due  to arthritis.
The lower half is
made twice as
big in diameter.
It is made of
Walunt wood.
This pen is so neat looking that I had to take 2
photos of it. It is called LSL Wood. Ya thats right
Laminated Strand Lumber, the very same wood
used in the construction industry for header
boards over doors and windows. Sometimes I'm
told its used for floor joists. It can be made in Gold
tips, Copper Tips, Chrome Tips, and Black Tips. I
currently have this one shown in the pictures. I can
make more in any of the fore mentioned tip colors.
Price is $25.00 plus Shipping.
I will be adding more pens to this
page. If you would like a certain
type of wood please feel free to
email me and ask.
Art Series Large Designer Pens
This Pen is made of 3 different woods segmented and
joined together. Kaku, Dahuma, and Maple woods. I
only have a few pieces of this pattern left. The price is
This Pen is made of 2 different woods. Kaku and Maple
and is double cross cut to create the diamond pattern. I
have a few pieces of this pattern left to make more. Price
is $40.00.
This Pen is made of 2 different woods. Padauk and
Maple and is double cross cut to create the diamond
pattern. I have a few pieces of this pattern left to make
more. Price is $40.00.
Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel
Syndrome pens