Economy Pens
Please see my "about me"page for purchasing
information. Thank you for looking.
already have the best prices out there on high end
pens and pencils. And you don't sacrifice anything for
quality. But there are people whom would like to
have a pen that looks like your high end pens. These
people probably wouldn't mind if the pen did not last
as long as the up scale pens or write quite as well.
However they just can not afford to spend so much
on a pen."
That got me thinking. After some research, I found
that it was possible. However the quality of the parts
did have to be seriously sacrificed as did the number
able to offer. I will not be able to substitute other
woods or pen styles. If you would like some other
type of wood or style, you'll need to move up to the
slim style pen. The only option I can offer is
Engraving which is at additional cost. If you wish to
purchase more than 1 of these pens please email be
before clicking the "Buy Now" buttons. I can and will
put more than 1 pen in a shipment to save you some
money. Please read my "about me" page before
Stands shown are not included with the pen.
Pine Wood Pens
Oak Pens
Walnut Wood
Flowering Crab Tree
Mahogany Wood