Click Style Pens Page 2
I am currently working on a new
style click pen. These are a
Fantastic !!!!! Design.
Please stop by again I will be
posting more photos soon.
Thank you.
These are a new style of Click Pen that I am
adding to my line up. These are a little
smaller than the Standard Click style pen line
and just a bit larger than the Slim Style pens.
They use a Parker style just like the Standard
Click Style and can also be made as a Gel
writer instead of the normal ball point at no
extra charge. They can be made of most of
the woods found on my other pen pages as
well as the acrylics. I will be adding more
pictures as I get more made. Please read my
"about me" page when ordering. Price on
these is
$20.00 each.
Buckeye burl
power point
Black Cherry
burl power
Curly Maple
power point
power point
Mango power
Red Mulberry
power point
Rose Wood
power point