Click Pens
These pens are a click style pen. Just push the top plunger down till it "clicks" to extend
the ink cartridge. Push the plunger till it "clicks" again to retract the ink cartridge. They use
"about me" page for purchasing information. These are very popular at the craft shows
that I sell at and they sell pretty fast. This why I don't have "buy Now" buttons on all of
the ones shown here. Unfortunately I can only make these in gold tips. Pencils in this style
pieces of wood are exactly the same.
Please feel free to contact me about purchasing these:   
Pen is $18.00 each                                   
Striped Pens are $20.00 each
I do have refills for these in gel style and ball point style. There is a picture of the refills on
the accessories page. Each refill is $3.00each. I also have wood and acrylic gift boxes on
the accessories page. The stands shown in these pictures are not included, however they
can be purchased separately.
Please read my about me page for ordering and purchasing terms.
Don't forget to check out page 2 for more click pen
styles. There is a link at the bottom of this page.
This one is made of American Holly.  Notice the
rubber grip on the lower portion.  Its very
comfortable holding this pen for long periods of
time.  I can make it with out the rubber grip
like the pen to the left.  I just sold my only one
of these, however I can and will make you one
or two or three. The wood is a beautiful snow
white color.
This is made of t African Black wood. There is a
rubber comfort grip. It is jet black colored with
no contrasting grain color. I don't have one of
these on hand but can and will be making more. I
can also make it in all wood, upper and lower
This gorgeous pen is made of Bocote wood.
Which comes from Mexico and South
America.Notice the distinct color contrast in the
grain. I don't currently have any in stock but I
California Redwood Lace Burl.A very rare
wood from California and very hard to get.
It has a medium red color with dark red
lacy patches. It is a softer hardness than
most other hardwoods. I don't have any
more at this time. A lot of people love the
color of the redwood.
Chechen Wood is what this one is made of.
America. The color is a medium dark reddish
brown with slightly darker contrasting grain.
I don't have one premade. However I will be
happy to make  is what this one is made of.
Chechen some for you. This wood is semi
hard to get.some for you. This wood is semi
hard to get.
Cocobolo Wood from South America and
Mexico. Color is a rich looking burnt red.I
do have more wood to make others. This is
also semi hard to get.
This wood came from my front yard.
Flowering Crab Burl. Small cracks and
voids are natural in burl woods and are not
considered defects in the wood working
Honduras Rosewood. Very nice medium
dark caramel brown. Very tightly and even
grained. Its similar in color to most other
rosewoods but tends not to be so rock hard.
I Have just a few pieces of this wood to
make a pen or pencil. Quite a lot of
Virginia is where I got this Honey Locust. It is
not uncommon for this wood to have two
colors like shown in this picture. Its a
reasonably common hard wood.
Maple wood that this pen is made from.
Maple is plentiful in the United
States.Maple varies from almost white to
a light tan.Can be stained to look like
other woods.I have 1 and can/will make
more. I died one purple for a past
customer, It looked great!!
Sweet Maple Root Burl.This came from the
Upper Peninsula of Michigan from the root
of a normal and not considered defects.
I will be adding more pens to this page. If you would
like a certain type of wood please feel free to email
me and ask.
This is called Padauk wood it comes from
Africa. I don't have one made up. I made this
one and sold it to a local businessman.
However I would consider it a pleasure to
make you one. It has a deep maroon red
color which will turn a deep dark chocolate
brown in time.
This one is made of Pecan wood that I got
from a friend of mine in California. A very
beautiful "sand" color. This is a
surprisingly hard hardwood and is semi
hard to find even though it grows right
here in the USA. I have a few pieces in
which to make you a set or just a single
Wow I never thought I'd actually see a
naturally purple colored wood like this
Purple Heart wood. It comes from Africa
and there is a little from South America. It
turns a deeper "grape" color as it ages.
This is African Red Heart. It comes from
Africa also. This is a freakishly hard wood in
which the color gets redder as it ages.
Red Mulberry is the wood type of this pen.
A very bright yellow colored wood who
sometimes have some red streaks thru it,
similar to tulip wood. I have this pen and
more that I can make.
This is your standard Red Oak. Most people
think it is called Red Oak because it is Red
colored, thats not necessarily true. Although
it can sometimes have a light red color, its
called red because it in far more porous
than its brother the white oak. Because of
the high porosity it is not as strong as the
white oak but it is more rot resistant. This
also causes the leaves to turn red in the fall.
San Kiaat wood from Africa. What a joy to
turn, this has a semi hard texture with some
very open poors.It is very hard to get. I
have just a few pieces of San Kiaat,better
hurry if you like this wood.
New Designs
and Woods
scroll down
The woods in this
one are African
Padauk, Walnut and
Woods in this pen
are African Bubinga.
Walnut, and Oak.
The woods in this
pen are African
Canary Wood,
Wenge, and Oak.
This is a new Design (pens shown below)that I have come up with. I call them "bandless click pens".
These are similar to the other click pens on this page with the exception of the middle gold band is gone
which allows better display of the wood grain. These are made of 3 or 4 hard woods non of which are
died or stained, this is their natural color. These are ball point pens not gel writers. I don't recommend
making gel writers of them. Price for these are $22.00 each plus applicable shipping.
The woods in this pen
are African Padauk,
Maple and Canary
This pen is a little "extra
stripe". It still has 3
woods, African Red
Heart, Maple and Walnut.
Walnut, Oak, and
African Padauk.
This pen's woods are
Maple, African Bubinga,
Imyba, and African
Lepard Wood.
This is Buckeye Burl from
streaking with in a cream
base. As with all burl
woods it can have bark
inclusions and over time
develop small cracks.
This is not considered a
defect but is very
desirable amongst
collectors of rare wood. I
have this one shown and
just a couple of pieces to
make more.
Called Afrezila Burl. It has
an amber color which will
darken slightly with age.
This wood comes from
Asia and is hard to find.
Here from the continent
of Africa is a beautiful
wood known as Blood
wood. It has a very
bright vibrant blood red
color. It is exceptionally
hard for a hard wood. I
have this one and can
make a few more.
The pen to the
left is made of
African Jackal
Barry. Just
how rare it is,
I am not sure
of. It is similar
to oak and
Pecan wood.  
Stripy Click Style pens
Curly Maple
Wood. The
iridescent "cross
graining" is rare
and highly
desired for top
end furniture and
jewelery boxes
and even Guitars.
I only have a few
pieces left.
This pen on the
left is called Black
Walnut. I got this
wood from a
friend in the Upper
Peninsula of
Michigan. It is
fairly common
having a milk
chocolate brown
to dark chocolate
brown color.
This pen is made of
Leopard wood from
Africa. It is semi difficult
to get. The grain pattern
looks like the spots of a
leopard. I have this one
and more wood to make
South America. Just how rare it is, I am
not sure of. This is a beautiful medium
dark brown wood. I can say that I have
only seen or had/have a very small
Cocobolo Wood, from South America and
Mexico. This is 2 pictures of the same pen. It
is the same wood as the Cocobolo shown
above. I made this one to have a wood lower
portion instead of the rubber grip.
Yellow Heart from Africa. Very much like the
Red Heart wood but instead has a lemon
yellow color to it.
Jack Daniel's Whisky Barrel . This is actually
White oak from an old JD Whisky barrel. The
wood is surprisingly hard even for white oak.
There was also a sent of whisky as I was
making it. Quantities are very limited and
probably wont last long. So get them when
you can.