Business Advertising Pens
Hello welcome to my business advertising page. I have added a new service for
my wonderful customers. I can make pens with your business name, logo, web
site or what ever message you wish to communicate to your customers. One could
even have a pen made as a thank you gift for a appreciated employee, a holiday
gift, a company function or celebration. The possibilities are numerous. The price
is kinda hard to quote until I know what you are exactly looking for as far as the
words, logo, style and what wood the pen is made of. I do offer discounts for
large orders, however I do ask that you keep in mind the fact that I make these
one at a time just like the pens on my other web pages. I generally use the more
common hard woods like Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Walnut and even Pine (although
pine is not a hard wood it looks great engraved). Please feel free to contact me
with any questions you may have.
This pen is a roller ball style. It is usually the preferred style because of its
elegant and sophisticated. It writes super smoothly, similar to a fountain
pen with out the blotchy mess that a fountain pen can sometimes leave. It
uses a Hauser style refill which I can get for you or you can also purchase
them at high end stationary stores.
Slim style pens can also be used as shown in the below picture.
However we will need to be careful as to how much writing that
we put on them. More lettering will cause the font size to
decrease making them harder to read. It is best to do less than
20 characters.
I will be adding more pens to this
page. If you would like a certain
type of wood please feel free to
email me and ask.
This pen is a click style pen. It is the best style pen to use for
advertisement pen because of the larger upper half of the pen allows for
more wording and designs. This one shown is made of African Red Heart
wood. I normally don't use Exotic hard woods due to the rarity and the
significant cost increase.